(Leaked Footage) Link Video Original of Lydia Elking Shot and Killed in St Charles

(Leaked Footage) Link Video Original of Lydia Elking Shot and Killed in St Charles –  (Leaked Footage) Link Video Original of Lydia Elking Shot and Killed in St Charles. ST. THE CHARLES, MO. (KMOV) – In St. Louis, Missouri, an armed robbery attempt resulted in the fatal shooting of a 15-year-old girl. Charles was out Saturday night, according to the police.

The St. At 8:50 p. m. Police in Charles responded to a shooting. m. in St. Joseph’s Medical Center. Those who were allegedly robbed in the area of Oak Ave. were Lydia Elking and a 17-year-old boy. the police discovered them there. Perry Street, two suspects, and.

Two boys, ages 16 and 17, were detained in St. Louis, according to police reports from Monday. Charlotte County. Both are charged with second-degree murder, first-degree robbery, first-degree assault, and armed criminal action in connection with juvenile offenses. Both have St. Louis as their locations. Charles County. The firearm that is suspected of being used in the shooting was stolen from a St. Charles, so says the police.

The 15-year-old was shot into the car, according to the police, who claim that two boys approached the victims, announced a robbery, and then pulled out a handgun. The robbery victim, a 17-year-old, claimed that officers were told to gather near the crime scene. The cause is still unknown.

In St. A 15-year-old girl was shot and killed in St. Louis, Missouri, during an attempted armed robbery. Charles the night before.

(Leaked Footage) Link Video Original of Lydia Elking Shot and Killed in St Charles
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Thus, these violent acts weren’t random; they were targeted at them, and the case is still being looked into, according to Lt. Invoking St. Mr. Tom Wilkison. police force in Charles.

about 8:30 p.m. m. , a gunshot can be heard on doorbell camera footage that a neighbor gave News 4. Sat. night, mdot. After a short while, you can see someone run across Perry Street and hide behind some houses.

That video also depicts two people walking toward the shooting, minutes before it could be heard. According to the owner of the video, she also gave St. Charles the policeman.

The robbery victim, who was 17 years old, drove to the hospital and informed the police there. Elking died in the hospital from her wounds. The police asserted that they spoke with the 17-year-old victim on Sunday to learn more.

The incident happened on a street that some might think was quiet.

The neighborhood, according to Christie Selvidge, whose mother resides there, is “a very friendly, safe place. “.

One neighbor even showed us a bullet hole from another shooting, saying this wasn’t the first time a shooting had happened nearby.

An investigation is currently being conducted. It is strongly advised that anyone with information contact the St. by contacting Charles Police Department at 636-949-3309. News 4 will update this article as we find out more.